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Our Professional Affiliations

American Botanical Council

American Botanical Council

From its inception in 1988, the American Botanical Council has provided science-based information on thousands of herb and spices. Its quarterly magazine, HerbalGram, and semi-monthly print and electronic resource HerbClip, are rich sources for information on the cultivation, preservation and clinical use (both traditional and contemporary) of the world's medicinal herbs. New Naturals is proud to support their work.
United Plant Savers logo

United Plant Savers

Founded in 1994 by the respected herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, United Plant Savers' vision is to foster the conservation and cultivation of North American medicinal plants, many species of which are at risk of loss. UpS also works to preserve botanical sanctuaries across the United States and to encourage the establishment of others. New Naturals' founder has been a longtime personal member of UpS and we are very pleased to now be an herbal business member as well.
Herb Society of America logo

Herb Society of America

The seven women who met in 1933 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, to study the cultivation and use of herbs could have had no idea how their little group would grow and mature. But their efforts set the stage for better recognition of herbs in both gardening and cooking. In 1935, the society received a Gold Medal for the exhibit “17th Century Still Room” at Boston's Spring Flower Show, the first exhibit to feature herbs in this country. While their focus is more on gardening and on the culinary use of herbs, they are aware of and regularly comment on their health benefits as well. The owners of New Naturals grow a wide array of culinary herbs for both table use and local seedling sales, and we honor the efforts of the Society to increase appreciation of herbal use.

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