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Some of the products we sell are imported from Australia, and like many others, we have wanted to help out in some way. A billion or more wild animals, including the entire food chain in some areas, have been destroyed. Many others who survived the fires have no food or water, and many are injured. The pictures coming from our friends in Australia are nothing short of horrific.

We've looked at a variety of ways in which we could help. We see many companies who say they will give a small percentage of their profits to charity. We don't like using Australia's need as a way to increase our sales. We very much appreciate your orders, but your charitable donations need to go directly to those in need.

Giving to one of the major charities is a popular practice. But after reading that only a small fraction of donations goes directly to help those in need, we're reluctant to do that.

However, there is one organization that we can recommend without hesitation, Future for Wildlife Australia. It is 100% volunteer, with little administrative overhead (and all of it so far was paid by the organizers out of their own pockets). Doug English, whose name many of you know as the developer of Golden Paste, the TuGo bars and the very popular Dog Bites, is one of the organizers. Doug is NOT one of the millionaire CEO's that we read about at the top of charitable organizations! He is a full time veterinarian whose product sales go not to support a wealthy lifestyle but to fund the development of additional products and for studies on the use of turmeric. He is giving his time and energy to help FFWA with no financial compensation.

We have donated to Future For Wildlife Australia both individually and as a company, and urge those of you who wish to help to do the same. FFWA is in the process of being registered as a non-profit organization in Australia, and donations can be made easily through Paypal. Their Facebook page lists organizations that have already been helped with people's generous donations.

It will be many years, perhaps even generations, before Australia's unique ecology recovers from the devastation of these fires. Some are still burning. We need to help NOW! Please consider even a small donation to help. Everything you give to FFWA goes directly to help the wildlife sanctuaries and volunteer wildlife carers who are often shut out of funds from the major charities. They're using their own funds to keep animals from starving and to provide appropriate habitats and veterinary care for them. With the current exchange rate, every US dollar you give means approximately $1.40 to help in Australia. Thank you!

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