Spring Update

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It isn't technically quite spring yet, but I had a few minutes to sit down and write this and who knows when that will happen again, lol.

This is beginning to look like one of those unusual years with a long cool spring. The local plant life is adapted to that, and does really well. We have blackberries, raspberries, Virginia persimmons, pawpaws, fox grapes and several other native fruits growing wild all over the property here, and they love this weather. Moving to Suffolk, Virginia, is a big step forward for the business, but I am really going to miss quiet rural Patrick County in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Part of moving is to look at all the items we carry and decide which ones need to stay on our shelves and which ones don't justify the space they take up. Or in one specific case, one that needs to be tweaked a bit. I ordered glossy label stock for our one-ounce spice jars, because I just liked how it looked against the glass. Sadly, they have not held up well. We're going to move those out with a 15% off sale so we don't have to carry them with us to Suffolk, and will start over there with the same matte white stock we use for everything else.

We have just a couple of bags of Stance Equine's Coolstance left in our livestock feed inventory. We had special ordered them for someone who never showed up to pick them up. So they are on sale at a substantial discount. I want them out of the way. We'll restock the feed inventory after we move.

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