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We have a request: PLEASE contact your senators and representatives and let them know that you do NOT want the United States Postal System to be destroyed. A postal system is mandated in our Constitution. It can't simply be abolished. But there are some people in Washington DC who would like to see the income it creates go to private corporations rather than to the publicly funded postal system. If they manage to destroy the USPS, our shipping rates will go way up, and that cost will have to be passed on to our customers.

We do everything we can to keep shipping low. We even had our shipping software modified so you have a wide choice of shipping options. Most companies don't want to do that, because it means that the shipping employees have to use a larger range of containers and have to look closely at each packing slip before they pack the order to make sure they're using the type of box that the customer requested. It's easier and cheaper to just use the same size box for most shipments and stick enough packing materials into it to use up the extra space. If you have been ordering from us for a while, you've seen that small orders come in small boxes and larger ones come in boxes just big enough to hold them. There are a few instances where we have to use a larger box and added packing material, but those are few and far between. We make a continued effort to size the shipping container to the size of the order, and you benefit from that.

If you have ordered Doug English's Dog Bites from us, you've seen that you can choose a Flat-Rate Padded Envelope for two packs of the Dog Bites. We had to pay a developer to add that as the first choice for that product. We did it so you could get a cheaper shipping rate. We could have left the software as it was, let our customers choose the more expensive 'package' rate, and then packed them in the padded envelopes anyway, to take advantage of the savings for ourselves. But we didn't do that, because we want our customers to get the best deal.

What's more, if we have to ship everything by UPS or Fedex, not only will the shipping itself cost more, but we will have to make a 20-mile round trip every day to take the orders into town to a local pickup point. That's going to force us to charge more for our products. It will also create more exposure to the corona virus for whoever has to make that trip.

So we beg you to make your voice heard and let our Congress know that you want the postal system to continue!

We are not significantly affected by the current epidemic situation. Anything can change, of course, but we are well stocked except for the Doug English products that we always have trouble getting enough of. More of all his products are on order and we keep our Facebook page up to date on expected deliveries.

We do not expect to have to close, but if that should occur, our employees will continue to be paid as long as we have money to pay them with. This is a very small family owned company without huge reserves in cash. But the owners remember times when we weren't sure whether we could put food on the table or gas in the car for our own families. We will take care of our employees as long as we possibly can.

Please, everyone, play it safe. Follow the CDC recommendations, don't congregate in large numbers, do wash your hands. And remember those who may not be able to get out even to buy small amounts of necessities, much less to stock up. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor or friend, make sure these people are okay and have food (and pet food, if needed). God bless you all.

An update for our local feed customers:

We were able to pick up feed in Floyd, Virginia, as usual on April 15. Our regular delivery customers received their deliveries on time. However, we do not know what the situation will be in May. New Country Organics may decide to consolidate delivery points so they can make fewer trips, exposing their drivers to fewer people. We will post on our Facebook page when we have firm information. But if they do drop the Floyd delivery trip, we will be picking up feed at a different time than the third Wednesday you all have been used to. We'll announce that change if and when it happens.

If you live in Patrick or Henry Counties in Virginia, or in Stokes or Surry Counties in North Carolina, and you have been driving to Floyd to pick up feed, please give us a call at 276-694-5166. We can include what you need in with our order, and then you can pick up your feed at our location (Rt. 8 south of Stuart). We will not be able to load it into your car or truck, but we will take payment via Paypal or credit card, and will place the order outside so you can load it yourself (our version of curbside delivery). If an employee is available to load it for you, and you want assistance, we'll do our best to help, but the office people are not real good at picking up 50-pound feed bags, sorry.

All of you who already get your feed delivered will continue as usual. We will not be taking on any additional delivery customers at this time. The same as last month, if you want to unload your feed by yourself, our driver will stay in the truck. If you normally pay by check, we can arrange payment via Paypal or credit card instead if your wish. If you need our driver to unload for you, we will still do that. Our driver will be masked and gloved, for everyone's protection. Proud to be a trusted supplier for the Facebook Turmeric User Group and Turmeric Life

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