About Us

New Naturals LLC is a family owned company dedicated to the use of botanicals and herbs, both in the traditional cuisines of the world and as a complement to conventional medicine. To that end, we sell organically grown or wildcrafted spices and herbs, and provide a growing library of documents on their use.

One of our favorites is our Golden Paste kit. Golden Paste was developed by Dr. Doug English, an Australian veterinarian who became intrigued with the use of turmeric in his practice. He started with traditional turmeric paste recipes used in Asian cultures, and perfected them (often testing on himself and his staff). After several years of additional testing in his practice, and among family and friends, he founded the Turmeric Users Group on Facebook. Now with over 270,000 members, TUG continues to provide thousands of anecdotal reports of the best way to use turmeric. Group members have applied Doug's findings to a wide variety of settings, and with patients from humans to pets to livestock to exotic animals.

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