A few updates as we go into the Fall season

First, we will soon be out of the ten-count boxes that we pack Doug English's turmeric bars in. We can no longer get this size box unless we have them custom made for us, which is way too expensive. Many of you suggested that we simply put them loose in the shipping carton. But the law requires that we attach (not just include) a label with our information and with US-compliant nutrient info. It's hard to do that unless they're contained in something. So we will continue to ship in the five-pack boxes, but will adjust the pricing so two of the five-packs will cost the same as one ten-pack.

Second, the Doug English 'Beer Bites' have been re-branded as WhamBams (no idea why, don't ask, lol). A new shipment of them is on the way, and our description will change when we receive them. As far as we know right now, everything else will stay the same, including the price.

Watch our Facebook page for updates on progress on our new facility! The biggest change right now is a bunch of deep holes in what was an intact concrete floor (to accommodate a water supply and drain). The plumbers are also running a trench out to the new growing area to provide more convenient access to water there, without having to run hoses all over the place.

This is also the time of year when seed is gathered and cleaned and stored for spring planting. Our test plantings of Krishna tulsi (ocimum tenuiflorum) flowered heavily this year and we expect to be able to offer both tulsi seedlings and dried tulsi next year. These will not be certified organic, as we do not yet have organic certification for the new property. But they have been grown entirely without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and all further cultivation will be the same. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information as we get closer to spring.

We are not significantly affected by the current epidemic situation. Anything can change, of course, but we are well stocked except for the Doug English products that we always have trouble getting enough of. More of all his products are on order and we keep our Facebook page up to date on expected deliveries.

We do not expect to have to close, but if that should occur, our employees will continue to be paid as long as we have money to pay them with. This is a very small family owned company without huge reserves in cash. But the owners remember times when we weren't sure whether we could put food on the table or gas in the car for our own families. We will take care of our employees as long as we possibly can.

Please, everyone, play it safe. Follow the CDC recommendations, don't congregate in large numbers, do wash your hands. And remember those who may not be able to get out even to buy small amounts of necessities, much less to stock up. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor or friend, make sure these people are okay and have food (and pet food, if needed). God bless you all.

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