Turmeric Life WhamBams

Good old 'Beer Bites' dressed up in new clothes and in a larger size. We're not sure where the name 'WhamBams' came from, but at least no one asks any more if they have beer in them, lol.

These are a hefty 56g, and dense with healthy fruits, nuts and spices. They're spicy, but not hot.

✔ Vegan-friendly, no preservatives, no synthetic vitamins, no additional flavoring from dubious sources.

✔ NO wheat or dairy products, no genetically modified products, no corn or soy or added sugars, no hidden ingredients.

Each bar is individually wrapped, and can be easily scored into ten servings, or your desired number. If you haven't had turmeric before, try starting out with 1/10 bar a couple of times a day. You can increase as needed for the maximum benefits.

Please note that these bars contain almonds, cashews, and pecans.

Ingredients: dates, cashew paste, pecan meal, turmeric, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), hemp seed paste, roasted almond pieces, sultanas, cacao butter, cacao powder, chia meal, coconut oil, flax meal, sweet potato powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, black pepper, salt, tomato powder, brewers yeast, rose hip powder, curcumin, chili powder, alfalfa powder, aloe vera powder, beetroot juice powder, maca powder, reishi mushroom powder, paprika, cumin, garlic, nutmeg, vinegar powder

Only $24.00 for a four bar pack if purchased individually (return to previous page to order without setting up a subscription)

Want to get them automatically every month? Just choose one of the subscription plans below.

One four-pack of WhamBams per month, first class shipping included, $30.50

Two four-packs of WhamBams per month, Priority Mail shipping included, $56.00