Turmeric Life Dog Bites

The long awaited canine version of the TuGo bars for humans, approved by dogs all over the world, and available now in the US!

No preservatives, no binders or excipients, no flavoring agents, just real food the way you'd fix it yourself if you had time. Each package holds 30 little bars of turmeric goodness that you can easily break or cut into smaller pieces for small dogs (or as starting amounts for larger ones). The dessicated liver in the bars makes them irresistible to dogs, and the flax and coconut oil ensure good absorption of turmeric's active compounds. All the other ingredients work together with the turmeric to enhance its effects and contribute their own.

For your convenience, we now offer monthly auto-shipping! Click on one of the Paypal links below to set up your preferred shipping quantity. You do not need a Paypal account, just your regular credit or debit card. It will be charged for your requested quantity and your Dog Bites sent out on the next available shipping day. The single monthly purchase will be sent by First Class Mail, and the larger quantities in a Flat Rate Padded Envelope.

We wanted to be able to offer a discount for Dog Bites in the autoship program, as we plan to do with our other products when we have it set up for everything. Right now, because of the instability of the US dollar against the Australian dollar, our profit margin for the Dog Bites is so small and so unpredictable that we can't drop the price. Our own cost has gone up more than six dollars each in the last year. While we did have a small price increase, it was not enough to completely offset the increase in cost to us. So much as we would like to, we can't offer a price break, only the convenience of having your Dog Bites show up at regular intervals without you having to remember to order them. However, we have included shipping in the price, so that may be a small cost savings for some of you who live on the opposite side of the country from us.

Ingredients: dates, almond meal, turmeric, cashew paste, dessicated beef liver powder, pepitas, shea butter, chia meal, flax meal, coconut oil, brewers yeast, hemp seed paste, MSM, beef collagen powder, beef gelatine powder, kelp powder, black pepper, curcumin, alfalfa powder, rose hip powder, salt.

Please note that these bars contain almonds and cashews.

Price: $31.50 plus shipping for a 30-count bag, if purchased individually (return to previous page to order without setting up autoshipping). Shipping is included in purchases made with any of the autoshipping plans.

One bag of Dog Bites per month for $36.50 (includes First Class shipping)

Two bags of Dog Bites per month for $71.00 (includes Priority Mail shipping)

Three bags of Dog Bites per month for $110.50 (includes Priority Mail shipping)