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Galangal (Alpinia galanga)

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The nomenclature for Galangal (pronounced Ga-LONG-al) can be confusing. There are three main varieties: Alpinia galanga (greater galangal), Alpinia officinarum (lesser galangal) and another plant, Kaempferia galanga. The third one is in a different genus than the two Alpinia varieties, but they are all part of the Zingiberaceae family, like ginger and turmeric.

The most widely used galangal, and the one we carry, is Alpinia galangal, or greater galangal. In its raw state, the skin is lighter and smoother than either ginger or turmeric, and the interior ranges from off-white to pale pink. The flavor is closer to that of ginger than to turmeric, and it's traditional in Thai cooking.

Galangal is best known for its contribution to Thai food, but several studies have found it to have a similar effect on pain as ginger and turmeric. All the studies used extracts, so it's hard to determine whether or to what extent whole galangal used in cooking would measure up to any of the known beneficial effects of ginger and turmeric. But it certainly does contribute its own unique taste.

Available in a one-ounce wide-mouth glass jar, and also 2-ounce and 4-ounce air, light and moisture proof stand-up pouches that sit neatly on your pantry shelf. All will accommodate measuring spoons.

Ingredients: organic galangal from India.

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