Ginger Power Bars (single bar)
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Ginger Power Bars (single bar)


A single bar of the same rich turmeric formula also available in 5 pack boxes. Please note that these are the same bars originally sold as Great Ginger Tu*Go bars, just with a different name and label.

The Turmeric Power Bars were developed by Doug English as a convenient alternative to Golden Paste. Individually wrapped bars can be carried in your purse or kept in your desk drawer at work. With a shelf life of 8 months, these bars require no refrigeration or special storage conditions. Great for travel or any time you can't carry a perishable product with you.

Plus, the taste is fantastic! If you've been reluctant to try the Golden Paste because you thought you wouldn't like the taste, the Power bars are an ideal alternative. A hint of chocolate from cacao powder*, sweetness from dates, and a spicy punch from the black pepper. Everyone who has tried them raves about the taste.

Each bar contains 10 individual portions, each equivalent to 3/4 teaspoon of the Golden Paste. So if you're having 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of Golden Paste twice a day, a bar will last for five days.

*Because these bars contain cacao powder, the recommendation in the past has been that they were not suitable for pets. Doug English has said that small amounts (1/20 of a bar at a time) are okay for dogs. We do not make any statement one way or the other. Use your own discretion about whether you wish to give these to a pet. However, Doug's own Dog Bites, formulated especially for dogs, are available now. So they would be a better choice for dogs anyway.

In addition, when used in an effective manner (such as in golden paste or the Tu*Go bars) turmeric is a bioactive food. If you take regular prescription medications, please consult your doctor before adding turmeric to your diet, even the Tu*Go bars.

See Product Details for ingredients and specific nutritional information.

It isn't really feasible to ship one of these by itself (though we certainly will, if you request it). The shipping would cost almost as much as the bar itself. But you can order one or two of these to go with almost any other order with no additional cost in shipping. It's a good way to try one of the bars at the same time you order a golden paste kit or any of the spices.

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