ChickiBams, box of four
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ChickiBams, box of four


Please note: because of the possibility (remote, but we can't absolutely rule it out) that some of the bars were got at by pantry moths, we have deeply discounted the price. If you find any evidence at all of webbing in the box or in the bars themselves, or ANYTHING that you're not happy with, we will immediately refund the full purchase price. Please open all the bars when you receive an order. If they are okay, seal them up again in ziplock bags to retain their freshness. They do not need to be refrigerated, but should be protected from drying out. We are as certain as we can be that nothing got at them here, but we don't want to take any chances either. So please check them when you receive them, and let us know right away if you find anything at all.

ChickiBams are a whole new level of turmeric consumption. created especially for women (but not restricted to them--the guys love 'em too!). Besides the chocolate we crave, there are cranberries for uterine health, astaxanthin and nannochloropsis for the skin, maca powder for energy, and shatavari (a species of asparagus) for the stresses of today's life. Schisandra and St. Mary's Thistle for liver health, ashwagandha for blood sugar and cortisol, and lactospore, a superior probiotic. And chocolate! Three kinds of chocolate, in fact: cacao powder, dark chocolate kibble and cacao butter.

At bottom, these are one more tasty and convenient way to have turmeric in your diet. No refrigeration needed (as for golden paste), no complaints about taste, no yellow stains in your kitchen. And they truly do taste marvelous, like a chocolate/cranberry brownie.

The ChickiBams are packed four to a box, and can also be ordered individually. One box can ship at First Class rates, and two can go in a Small Flat Rate mailing box. If you just want to try a single bar along with an order of other products, it won’t add enough weight to make much difference in shipping (unless you order it along with something that’s just under the weight threshold for Priority Mail shipping).

Ingredients: Dates, cacao powder, dried cranberry, Brazil nuts, pure chocolate, turmeric powder, almond meal, pepitas, cacao butter, sultanas, figs, hemp seed, linseed meal, glycerol, rose hip powder, maca powder, coconut oil, chia seed, black pepper powder, nannochloropsis, ginger powder, curcumin extract, ashwagandha powder, Schisandra berry powder, shatavari root powder, St Mary's thistle powder (Silybum marianum), MSM (methysulfonyllmethane), astaxanthin, lactospore, cinnamon powder, bromelain, sea salt

Caution: the astaxanthin in these bars is NOT from a seafood source (the bars are vegan). But some authorities do recommend that anyone who is allergic to seafood avoid all sources of astaxanthin.

Allergy warning the bars contain almond meal and Brazil nuts.

For the time being, we have discontinued the subscription plan for the ChickiBams. It will be reinstated when we get a new shipment in.

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