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Fennel Powder (Foeniculum vulgare)

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Fennel is a truly fascinating plant. The entire plant is edible--the fleshy bulb, the leaves and the fruit (often referred to as fennel seed).

Fennel Several stalks grow from a bulbous base, which grows partly underground and partly above ground. The bulb is a staple of Mediterranean cuisines, where it's found raw in salads and cooked in many ways. Fennel is one of three herbs that make up the liqueur absinthe, and is also used to make the Swedish liqueur akvavit. The leaves can be used in place of dill, and the seeds (which are actually the fruit of the plant) are used for flavoring everything from desserts to toothpaste.

We carry both fennel powder and the whole fruits (fennel seed). The actual seeds of the fennel plant are encased in the 'pericarp' (the outer layer of the fennel fruit) and are consumed along with the rest of the small fruit. Fennel powder is a wonderful addition to foods where you want the flavor without the texture of the seeds, such as in sausage or a spice rub. If you like Indian food, fennel powder is a common spice in curries, chutneys and samosas.

Fennel seeds make a sweetly anise flavored tea--just infuse them with boiling water. Or add to cabbage, fish or pork dishes. See our recipe section for more ideas.

Our organic fennel comes from Egypt.

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