Healthy Snacks

Welcome to our brand new listing for healthy snacks and sweets. We're happy to introduce Coconut Dream and Mocha Energy bars from Kitz Living Foods in Australia, as our first offerings in this category. Kitz is the company that makes the turmeric bars for Doug English. They have exceptionally high standards for quality of ingredients and production, and we're honored to be the US distributor for their products.

These are only lightly sweetened, so the carbohydrate levels are relatively low. They are raw, vegan, GMO-free, nut and seed free, 100% organic and absolutely fantastic in taste. They're suitable for a LCHF diet, though people on a strict keto diet may object to even the low amount of carbs in them. A full nutrient panel is available on the product details page for each flavor of bars.

The bars are available individually, and also in boxes of four. The cost of postage probably rules out ordering a single bar by itself, but they will slip into a box along with any other order. In most cases, there would be no extra shipping.

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